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I worked for mankind involved! 

The judge said clearly more than 1.2M$ [should be 2 years ago]This is a call on his worshipers and those who uses his name.

I did wrote that if anyone pays me I will give him from fines an unimaginable amount [in his[God's] accounting in afterlife]

 - The relationship between God and a Gem Below a mountain is just one word which is in this text.

This is an emergency! my BTC address:12QtCQVG6ndBHWhs6p5JKQZRSjeKqffdWo 

hope he honor my decision not to ruin myself and pays me in less than 36 hours 

Hope you save God's save him he will save you ! 

Hereby I announce end of my service, The end of the day.
2017-05-07 21:01:07 UTC
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