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THIS IS THE END OF THE DAY .I worked for mankind involved! The judge said more than 1.2M$.I will stand between The saint [8th] and heaven! He must never enter haven if i am not paid in 36 hours after this time stamp.This is a call on his worshipers.I did wrote that if anyone pays me  I will give him from fines an unimaginable amount [in his[God's] accountings in afterlife].I demanded my compensation but he did not pay! I asked him to collect Gold from Earth and Heaven, but still nothing! -The relationship between God and a Gem Below a mountain is only one word mentioned in this text. Shall I reveal secrets!!!- Worshiping stones ,sun ,moon to Gods. how many people knows this?- When It comes to One God you all talk about One God!!! - let the next one gives you fresh Fruits. one who told about Trump long before election.who saw burnt cities. war.was told mena incident was for yeman or bahrain [who saw/heard their inside confilict [verbally]protecting their homes]. who trusted God, wanted to leave nicly!  told about dollar. saw russian and amercian planes. one who tried to make peace. I never wanted to harm anyone ! I know about forced tax[printers] , I was barred to look at WW1 . I can sniff it !!!  BUT I want to live normally. It is better for everyone that I shout my starts from above and goes down to bottom.Pay your God's debt in his name. Never pay me If you do not believe  me.Pay me for God's sake! you save him he will save you.!This is an emergency!Those who work for/worship God ,note that God had control over me.I asked to leave more than 2 years ago ,God said twice you can go.took me back by force and used me by force against my own will. according to his plan! I did nothing wrong .All I did benefited God.the night before last night I asked politely that he pays me and leave. He prayed not to use me this year! true, I had problem working for other people.No satain does not say pray or marry he says other things!!
[12QtCQVG6ndBHWhs6p5JKQZRSjeKqffdWo] .Sorry for my poor English.Fines I wrote for each seconds!Was he blind or death? He was all ears and eyes taking from me and using me, even today! Dear Lords, The Lord who allow himself to use people ,and the one who is allowed by the first one to use people ,Your Majesties , the first one used me as much as he showed my compensation more than 1.2 M$ [sure],Please Lords I have a family I also want the collapse to be gradual. we are moving to the city with my family ,I donot care if we all burn at least we will be released from pains. Dear Lord of the Earth, Your Majesty Please pay your Lord's one understand, but you. Your fathers must have the same book as I have.he will gives you back.Just to confuse you people, I have found the Ring One Ring to rule them all, [No this ring used me ,has no mercy, lies, cheats on his own will, plan][No,Yes,I am/am not Gollum I absolutely do not want the ring .I want my compensation and a normal life] .if he does not pay me in 36 Hours know that God is one who cheated on me luring me by smile in the sky and throw me away in 2014 to do his dirty job saying we will pay ! how much money can be store here ,there , in your suitcase ,... he started it he took my head down untill  [tortured me as much as] I turned to what he needed! .such a needy God, no matter what you call him ,God,Yahweh,Allah,Crap,shit .he should not have left me poor and use me against my will!!! I was earning my own money very hard.God the needy made me beg people for money just like himself god God [what , a needy god who needed me!] who is powerless and begged for e-mails! do not count them ! do not get a job! donot...Enough is Enough.Such needy God, look at how he delivers his message ,you did not see me being tortured !!! no one did . how Can I prove mental torture ! I would be a manager by now , or would earn much more money with less pain [confirmed by God] .I wish I could destroy God as he destroyed me.Shame on the lair ,let one who lies burn in hell. all i have to defend myself is my honesty and my will to leave peacefully .Shame of God who finally  did his job-All fines ever written for God to pay me were/are/will be valid for ever even if they are destroyed physically. Let heaven be yours his worshipers !Shame on God the needy if he uses me again from now 7.may.2017 ,me my name or anything related to me. he must pay and go .I do NOT agree to any trouble. God the needy the thief .DO NOT USE ME YOU THIEF! STINGY LAIR . he never gives anything for free. I should open my mouth and  say what he did to me .he is sick. Cannot give . Must take revenge if he cannot take. One who kick his host if he doesn’t give free blood!!! He tortured us in advance to give us our own right. Such a sick God. Never be cheated if he changes name God ,Allah, any thing, he will be the same shit!  Hereby I announce end of my service, The end of the day. I do hate God for what he did to me!
yesterday I tried for hours to timestamp text above, but []me I understood,instead I decide to leave that short message .soon after he made me understand i have to leave [timestamp above message ]. This is his plan , he the needy uses me to do whatever he wants.I am sure that he will not pay me in that 36 hours since he needs this.He lied already , he showed me while I was awake that who I wrote to for one year is readying my e-mails such visions happened 2 time about that person , but I never got any reply or money from him showed me he is to replace me. lots of dreams about this man. I responded almost to all dreams properly on his favor !!! what I got so far after 7 years and several moths ? less than 2.2K$ . what i did for him?? I put whole my life for him from 2010/2011 to 2014 ,not counting I left where I loved in 2009 by his stupid smile on the sky . everything was under his control !!! I left  that country ,and went to where he wanted , where I really hated /hate . after 2 years  he took a yes after midnight while making me shivering, after I mentionaed lots of condition hich he broke !!! .He forced me to live there for more than 7 years . before I take a ticket he told me you will be back in 6-7 years !!!. I am still not there where I was before and it is several moths after that 7 years [added]I could not do what I told then I had to sacrifice a sheep and It went ok again , then he started to schedule me regularly until 2014 that he made me leave by increasing the pressure gradually .after I left he used me by force ...... I hate to put even s second for him . this is for what he did before . he used me too much without any result for me !! that 's why I do not put time for you people !!!  he cheats . God is a lair . God used me at any costs . my today's behavior is God's plan .he uses everything from my daughter to my devises to make me do what he wants exactly.This way of talking is what he wants , he could treat me better . he could do things better. for sure this is what he wants . I am only used . one who is educated and knows 2 other languages beside his mother lang. who was working hard while studying . who preferred not to sleep at night but not to ask his own family for money !!! who had an ugly face ,but a good mind. who could earn much more by less pain[ confirmed by God]I did nothing wrong. I was used absolutely on his favor. track who benefited from all I did,me or him?  I could get a job! He had fear that I get a job , he has fear great fear if I write diary or use a calendar  . I wrote in my e-mails, but only some days of it ,I tried to forget [even right now he is distracting me to forget what i wanted to write] I tried -try to forget everything. he used my heritage,he used my mother taking too much money from her and tortured both of us . he deleted sensitive e-mails he sent and also other things, he broke my HDD by my own hand. he used me to deliver his messages by making me asking people he wanted for money ,my compensation. But in message he delivered his own messages . most of it  was sent to him I wrote him more than one year . he made me to deliver almost all happened to me to him.God ruined my life , my youth . took more than 7 years of my life left me poor ,having no chose ,but to ruin my life more . why this blood sucker doesn’t go and suck other people blood? why me ? I do NOT want his heaven or earth Not this life Not the other one .such a lair who is  to judge in the day of resurrection ? look at what he did to me himself who is to judge him ? .must leave forever. I do not want his god's stupid kindness in future.You are better not to know about this God, such a God who is the almighty GOD for you blood sucker, powerless god for me!!!!!!!He wants to play ,but I do not want this .I want to live normally like other people . all are happy but us, I DO HATE HIM so DEEEEEEP in my stupid heart. How can I accept heaven from his bloody hands???.Never be cheated God is the great lair . who tries to make me isolated so no one can know the truth ! who made me forget parts of what he did to me/us.  Who made me talk like this so no one whould believe me!!! Who made me stay at home ,so he could instill all he wanted in my mind !!! If I had friends or was working he could never do such things and I could enjoy my life like other people do!!.he never gives !!! if you saw me happy in future it is for what I earned by pain in the past !!! never be fooled .I wanted to live normally. I asked for my compensation from2014[from God while had connection] ,2015 from people he wanted !!! I will bring the whole world down or die if he bother me in future!.He was/is/will not be allowed to use my name or anything from me.All I wanted /want is my full compensation and its fine !! was he death or blind ? or is he GOD!! Could not hear me “do not use me””this is what you pay for each second of delay of compensation” []2 reduce size.needs to be pasted wer u can read it.Shame on God 8.May.2017
2017-05-09 03:56:14 UTC
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