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By the 30th/end of the month, I heard a person in my dream which seems more than special, that I will die from it. Can't spell it its something with "mono," that thing I had 8-15, with antibiotics I taken for it. And a puffer for breathing difficulty. I asked if antibiotics will work, and said "no," basically nothing will work. Guaranteed death. October 2017, 30th? Or the end of the month may be some variance of up to a week.
2017-10-05 03:59:57 UTC
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2017-09-20 20:32:31 UTC
Tax is theft
2017-09-05 20:19:54 UTC
Creativity Blatant Pessimist Homograph Twice On Antiquity Game Spine Neonatal
2017-08-28 07:31:40 UTC
2017-08-10 20:16:00 UTC
Impeach Trump
2017-06-04 10:43:59 UTC

louise mensch retire btich
2017-05-31 10:56:51 UTC
Version: GnuPG v2.0.14 (GNU/Linux)

2017-05-23 16:31:19 UTC
Version: GnuPG v2.0.14 (GNU/Linux)

2017-05-23 15:23:56 UTC
n9y25ah7 - Russian elite hax0r
2017-05-19 01:36:55 UTC
Idea for a movie: dogs take over the world!
2017-05-14 05:14:05 UTC
THIS IS THE END OF THE DAY .I worked for mankind involved! The judge said more than 1.2M$.I will stand between The saint [8th] and heaven! He must never enter haven if i am not paid in 36 hours after this time stamp.This is a call on his worshipers.I did wrote that if anyone pays me  I will give him from fines an unimaginable amount [in his[God's] accountings in afterlife].I demanded my compensation but he did not pay! I asked him to collect Gold from Earth and Heaven, but still nothing! -The relationship between God and a Gem Below a mountain is only one word mentioned in this text. Shall I reveal secrets!!!- Worshiping stones ,sun ,moon to Gods. how many people knows this?- When It comes to One God you all talk about One God!!! - let the next one gives you fresh Fruits. one who told about Trump long before election.who saw burnt cities. war.was told mena incident was for yeman or bahrain [who saw/heard their inside confilict [verbally]protecting their homes]. who trusted God, wanted to leave nicly!  told about dollar. saw russian and amercian planes. one who tried to make peace. I never wanted to harm anyone ! I know about forced tax[printers] , I was barred to look at WW1 . I can sniff it !!!  BUT I want to live normally. It is better for everyone that I shout my starts from above and goes down to bottom.Pay your God's debt in his name. Never pay me If you do not believe  me.Pay me for God's sake! you save him he will save you.!This is an emergency!Those who work for/worship God ,note that God had control over me.I asked to leave more than 2 years ago ,God said twice you can go.took me back by force and used me by force against my own will. according to his plan! I did nothing wrong .All I did benefited God.the night before last night I asked politely that he pays me and leave. He prayed not to use me this year! true, I had problem working for other people.No satain does not say pray or marry he says other things!!
[12QtCQVG6ndBHWhs6p5JKQZRSjeKqf ...
2017-05-09 03:56:14 UTC
I worked for mankind involved! 

The judge said clearly more than 1.2M$ [should be 2 years ago]This is a call on his worshipers and those who uses his name.

I did wrote that if anyone pays me I will give him from fines an unimaginable amount [in his[God's] accounting in afterlife]

 - The relationship between God and a Gem Below a mountain is just one word which is in this text.

This is an emergency! my BTC address:12QtCQVG6ndBHWhs6p5JKQZRSjeKqffdWo 

hope he honor my decision not to ruin myself and pays me in less than 36 hours 

Hope you save God's save him he will save you ! 

Hereby I announce end of my service, The end of the day.
2017-05-07 21:01:07 UTC
7.6.2017 Kukulele 8.6.2017 Blink 182 9.6.2017 Final song
2017-05-06 00:05:43 UTC
7.6.2018 Kukulele 8.6.2018 Blink 9.6.2018 Final Song -2YEARS
3AM Franc Zupanec Blockchain Prvi na iphoneu
2017-05-05 18:03:38 UTC